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Carbon Offsets Projects

Technical and Economic Preliminary Studies

For reasons of prudence and zeal with their customers, Embrasca only executes their projects after carefully studying the factor that influence the decision-making process. It consists of a preliminary analysis, concerning the feasibility and eligibility of GHG emissions reductions projects, from a technical and economic perspective.


Project Development

Embrasca develops carbon offsets projects, in accordance with approved methodologies of both regulated and voluntary markets (UNFCCC, American Carbon Registry – ACR, Verified Carbon Standard – VCS, Climate Action Reserve – CAR).

As follows, our possible activities comprised in the process of a carbon project development.

  • Mapping and identification of opportunities;
  • Advice on the choice of technologies;
  • Previous analysis of projects eligibility;
  • Financial structure of carbon projects;
  • Development and approval of new methodologies from the registry entities, if necessary;
  • Development of the technical reports;
  • Assistance throughout the validation process with the validation entities;
  • Assistance throughout the project approval by the registry entities;
  • Assistance at the moment of the project registration (UNFCCC or voluntary);
  • Guidance at the time of implementation of the monitoring plan, throughout the whole project lifetime;
  • Monitoring of annual verifications and certifications.

Monitoring and Certification

Embrasca offers complete assistance during the project development process. This way, we participate in an active way side by side with our clients during registration, validation, verification, certification and monitoring, highlighting the importance of these stages to the success of a carbon project.